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Issue with USB ports on Hi10 Pro keyboard dock

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jtrosky|Post time:8-12-2017 10:09:20 View:1585|Reply:3

Ok, I have a strange issue and wanted to see if anyone else has experienced it or had any tips to address it....

I have (2) Hi10 Pro devices - and (2) keyboard docks.  I've found that when *either* Hi10 Pro is connected to the one keyboard dock, I can't get certain USB devices working with the keybaord dock USB ports.  Some USB devices work (thumb drives, wireless mouse dongles, etc), but at least one of my devices (an HPTuner device) does NOT work - regardless of what Hi10 Pro is connected to they keyboard dock.  If I connect that same non-working USB device directly to the micro-USB port on the tablet itself (via an adapter), it works fine.

With the other keyboard, all USB devices work - regardless of what Hi10 Pro is connected to it.

So this seems to say that the issue is with the keyboard dock and not the Hi10 Pro (or BIOS settings, etc).  Is there any type of firmware for the Hi10 Pro keyboard dock that may help resolved the issue with the dock that doesn't work with all devices?

Thank you!

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manonegra222| Post time 7-31-2017 07:51:56 | Show all posts
There is no program to correct the keyboard that does not work correctly. You must open a ticket on the seller and request a new one.
Chuwi Moderator
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jtrosky| Post time 8-1-2017 06:49:26 | Show all posts
Ok, thank you.  I was hoping that it was something simple like a firmware update to the keyboard dock or something..  It's strange, the keybord dock (and USB ports on it) generally work fine.  So far, it's just that Window will NOT recognize that one USB device on this particular keyboard dock (regardless of which Hi10 Pro I use).  If I connect either Hi10 Pro to the other keybaord dock, the same device works fine.  And it's just a regular USB device (not USB 3.0 or anything).  Very strange....

I was wondering if maybe there were different "revisions" of the keyboard dock or something.  Just seems strange that the dock works normally for every other USB device I've tried...

Oh well, I guess I'll just look into purchasing another keyboard dock and see what happens...
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jtrosky| Post time 8-12-2017 10:09:20 | Show all posts
Edited by jtrosky at 8-13-2017 02:17

So - here is an interesting follow-up to this issue...  I purchased another brand new keyboard dock and it also has this issue - it did not recognize that one USB device when plugged into the dock USB port (regardless of which port I tried) - the device does get recognized if I connect it to the micro-USB port on the tablet itself..  So I have (3) Hi10 Pro keyboard docks - and this one device is only recognized by the one keyboard dock (using the same tablet in all 3 docks) - but other USB devices work fine on all (3) docks.  :-)

The USB device that wasn't being recognized is a device that connect to you cars OBD-II port to allow you to modify  engine and transmission tuning parameters (an HPTuner device).  What I found is that if I connect the device to the keyboard dock *and* the cars OBD-II port, Windows will recognize the device fine on all 3 docks - but it's only recognized on that one dock when it's only connected on the keyboard dock side (car side NOT connected to the cars OBD-II port).

I suspect that it's power-related.  Even though the power light on the HPTUner device lights up when connected to all 3 docks, it's only recognized by Windows on the one keyboard dock - unless it's also connected to the cars OBD-II port (which also supplies power) - so it seems that (2) out of (3) docks are supplying enough power themselves to power up the device, but only (1) dock provides enough power to actually have Windows recognize the device....

Very strange....  There must be more than one revision the dock - but I have no way of knowing since there is NOTHING written on the dock itself (no part number, no serial number, no "version" number, NOTHING)...  Is there any way to obtain a 'part number' from these docks (some Windows or Android utility maybe)??
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