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jerchrist|Post time:8-6-2017 14:07:50 View:1079|Reply:1

H10 PLUS, Just got it yesterday and it performed the latest win 10 updates.
My bluetooth headsets that do both music and voice will no longer work in the voice mode (handsfree). They were working before the update.
When they conect the bluetooth connection in windows will show it connected with the word music next to it.

I have a headset that is just handsfree ( no music ) and this seems to work fine in the handsfree mode.

All headsets work fine on the Android side!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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manonegra222| Post time 8-6-2017 14:07:50 | Show all posts
If as you say, before the update worked correctly, you must revert to the previous driver the bluetooth device. To do this go to the device manager and right click on bluetooth. There you select properties, controller, revert to the previous driver. If you do not allow it, write it down and I'll give you the driver to update it.
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