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Bad experience with Hi10 Plus

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mikewr007|Post time:11-14-2017 03:52:03 View:1077|Reply:4

I purchased the Hi10 Plus back in March 2017. The only thing I didn't care for was the docking keyboard seemed a little to flimsy to support the computer. This came true about 2 weeks later. While sitting on a short table, the docking keyboard started sliding and the weight of the computer pushed it over the edge. It only fell about 1 1/2 feet onto soft padded carpet. However, this short fall was enough to cause the digitizer screen to crack in 2 places starting from the lower left corner of the screen. The touchscreen no longer worked.

I was able to find a replacement digitizer screen. In order to replace the screen I had to completely disassemble the computer to get to the screen. Also, when unplugging the cables from the motherboard the latching mechanism on the connector that holds the screen cable was glued and when I "unlatched" the cable the latching mechanism came completely off. Now there is no way to lock the cable into the connector. After successfully replacing the screen, I reassembled the computer. I was able to get the touchscreen to work before I put the back on. This only worked for a few days. I have spent the last 6 weeks trying to get the touch screen to work. Sometimes I get it to work but when I get it back together it stops working. I have now attempted 1 last try but now the computer will only turn on to the first "CHUWI" screen. I have made sure it is charged. Do I now have a brick?

Also, the first time I turned on the computer from replacing the screen the display screen now has an area on the left side (about the size and location of the motherboard) that is "lighter" than the rest of the display. It also looks like there are "remnents" of what was previously displayed. Not sure what or how this got broken, the screen or the cable.

So far I am not at all pleased with the quality of the Chuwi Hi10 Plus. There is no way a short fall onto soft carpet should have caused the complete destruction of the digitizer screen. And what caused the display screen to go bad. If I could get a replacement connector for the motherboard I might be able to get the touchscreen to work. But then I still have a bad screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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manonegra222| Post time 8-10-2017 21:04:10 | Show all posts
Edited by manonegra222 at 8-11-2017 08:40

You've really had bad luck. It is true that the screens are fragile, but not only those of Chuwi, in general these devices are delicate in that area. All your subsequent problems seem to be derived from the change of the touch screen. A few days ago I saw a video in the Spanish subforum of the change of the touch screen and insisted very much to be very careful when disassembling the zone of anchorage to the keyboard( )          The boot topic is recoverable by reinstalling systems, but does not indicate whether or not the system selection menu exits. To solve this you have manual and necessary files in the download section, being careful to choose the ones corresponding to your tablet.
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mikewr007| Post time 8-11-2017 12:25:48 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Thanks for the reply. Since I am an electronic engineer I am aware with how frigile electronics can be. Especially in consumer electronics. Having said that, I was very careful with the repair. I understand why I can't get the digitizer to work. I can't fix the digitizer problem unless I can find a suitable connector to replace the one on the motherboard. The most puzzeling issue is the display. I''m at a lose as to what will fix that problem. I'll give the video a look and maybe I'll see something I did wrong. I'll try to post a picture of the screen issue. Thanks again!
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mikewr007| Post time 8-15-2017 13:39:02 | Show all posts
UPDATE: after working with the digitizer connector, now the computer will not boot at all. At one time I could get it to display the "CHUWI" screen but it wouldn't go any farther. I could pess both the volumn up and down at the same time and it would display a fast boot message. But again thats as far as it would go. While working on the connectorI messured the voltage on the battery and it read 4.1 volts. So I know the battery has a charge.

Is it possible to purchase a new motherboard. I would hope that would fix it. At this point it is dead! HELP!
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Romi| Post time 11-14-2017 03:52:03 | Show all posts
mikewr007 replied at 8-15-2017 13:39
UPDATE: after working with the digitizer connector, now the computer will not boot at all. At one ti ...

You dont have badluck my friend this tablet have a very bad low quality screen..
It will crack all the time .. You will have to bauy a new screen minimum every month ...
I have the same problem, i have changed 5 screens allready.. I have nver use a screen more then 2 week...
I have order a new screen last week that came cracked ....
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