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linux mint 18.2 on hi10 plus

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pearce.hi10|Post time:8-18-2017 17:28:49 View:481|Reply:0

Hi10 plus z8350 version ... trying to install linux mint 18.2 to internal flash .. can get as far as grub installation when this message appears
"Grub installation failure .. The 'grub-efi-amd64-signed' package failed to install into /target/. .." etc

I have deleted remix and windows and have a linux partition, a swap partition and a boot partition (eps and  boot flags)

Linux runs fine from the usb but refuses to install onto the internal flash.

I have fiddled a little with the bios security settings without success.

The bios is PID6_C189B_Hi10_plus.236 13 march 2017. Is this the z8300 bios?

I also note you need a password to access the z8350 version of android from the chuwi download site .. what is the password?

Has anyone any advice here please?

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