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Restoring stock Dual-Boot

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yosep|Post time:8-22-2017 18:08:32 View:817|Reply:4

Edited by yosep at 8-18-2017 20:16

I was trying to flash Android (by following this thread: but the Android image is a 32-bit one, but the BIOS is 64-bit. It seems that my tablet does not have the serial number anymore (probably I did something stupid at some point because it only shows: 0123456789ABCDEF) but the other attributes are:

Core Version: 5.011
Compliancy: UEFI 2.4; PI 1.3
BIOS Version: P02DB6_HI_122LP.236 x64
Build Date and Time: 03/13/2017 14:20:21

Microcode Patch: 40a
Serial Number: (the above nonsense)
Total Memory: 4096 MB (DDR3)
Intel(R) GOP Driver: [8.0.1038]

and a couple more...

Also the CPU is the Atom x5-Z8350

Currently the system is running Windows 10 x64 only as I've already removed the original Android, but now I want it back
How could I restore the stock system (Dual Boot) ???

Thanks for any help you can provide me !


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manonegra222| Post time 8-18-2017 23:47:30 | Show all posts
I have a maxim: Do not touch what works, you will avoid problems. That said, to restore Android, you will need to download the version corresponding to your model, looking at your serial number on the back of the tablet. Do not touch the Bios. You will have to use the file no_erase_all, which will leave Windows untouched. If you use another, you will also need to reinstall Windows. Follow the instructions in the tutorial on the same page
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yosep| Post time 8-19-2017 05:10:35 | Show all posts
manonegra222 replied at 8-18-2017 23:47
I have a maxim: Do not touch what works, you will avoid problems. That said, to restore Android, you ...

Thanks for your indications ! I haven't done anything yet, but in a couple of hours I'll start with the following:
- Create a UEFI bootable Ubuntu Live USB
- Boot into the Live system
- Install partimage
- Create a backup of the entire drive
With that, I should be safe from any other stupid mistake in the future

But I was looking the serial number and it got me confused because it is: Q64G45170401720 (it seems newer than the ones in the instructions) so I'm a bit scared

On the other hand, I had this idea: maybe it would be possible to get the original Android partitions from someone and then create the corresponding partitions in the drive myself and just copy them there, but clearly that would require some source... Or would it be possible to do it manually from the Android image ?

I know it's possible to extract the content of the Android image and do some modifications on it, it's just an ext4 partition (system.img) with some quirks but the size of each partition would need to fit and I don't know them

I also noted that the problem for flashing a new Android is due to the fact that the UEFI BIOS is trying to boot into 64-bits, and the Android image only contains a 32-bits binary, hence the "bootx64.efi" is not found, but maybe that file exists inside the image itself, if not, then inside the Windows 10 image. It has to be somewhere because the system would not boot otherwise (unless the Android-IA option in the BIOS is related to the 32-bit mode...)

I'm willing to test all those assumptions, but a bit of extra help would be really helpful
In any case, thank you very much !!
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Hackerjac| Post time 8-19-2017 07:41:14 | Show all posts
If you have deletet some or all Android partitions, you will have to flash Android with flash.json and you will loose your Windows instalation doing that

To get serial back in BIOS, follow this trend
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yosep| Post time 8-22-2017 18:08:32 | Show all posts
Thanks all of you for your help, I was able to reinstall android on the tablet (without changing the bios), when I have a bit more of time i'll write everything I did to achieve that (it was using the "rEFInd" bootloader) and a couple of usb sticks
Now that I have a way to get the Android back onto the device, I'm trying other non-stock roms
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