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Unlock Full Potential Apollo Lake

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danielt83|Post time:8-27-2017 12:52:07 View:863|Reply:2

Edited by danielt83 at 8-20-2017 04:12

Hi are you see this? i read that temperatures go hi and owner of this solution not recomende
But mayby somebody try?


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HûntSt°rJonny| Post time 8-24-2017 12:18:31 | Show all posts
Edited by HûntSt°rJonny at 8-24-2017 12:22

ok this is interesting.Maybe this could solve the bad performance in krita for example.
so i checked my sensors. i can confirm that we have 6 w tdp set by standard. But i think the reason is that this specification comes not from chuwi(for better cooling) but intel ... Cache-up-to-2_2-GHz
also i checked my temperatures , with about 40% processer usage, i already have up to 70°C on the processor(not sure about the graficcards temperature, didn`t found the correct sensor for it), so there`s not a high temperature range left for more power. but seems like my processor already goes correctly up to 2 ghz.

Surely it would be interesting, but i would be really careful. I think to use more power, it would be recommend only with a hardware mod. Actually the chuwi cooling could be very good if the processor would use the whole aluminium back body for cooling, but i think actually it´s only a small area on the left side, that is used for cooling, without this, i think, the temperatures could go fast critical.
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Techdragonz| Post time 8-27-2017 12:52:07 | Show all posts
Should work, but I wouldn't expect huge differences in overall speed... only huge difference in overall batterylife xD
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