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Is [Chuwi Hi10 Pro + Hipen H2] for me?

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ibor24|Post time:8-22-2017 21:53:39 View:578|Reply:3

Edited by ibor24 at 8-22-2017 19:25

Hi friends!

I am thinking of buying a Chuwi Hi10 Pro + Chuwi Hipen H2.

I am an engineering studentsick of carrying notebooks and laptop every day in my bag, apart from losing some sheets of my class notes. So I am thinking about this purchase. But I need to know if it is the best option for me, or I will waste my money.

My idea is to take all my notes just as if I had a pen and a notebook. I think the best option would be to use OneNote. I have seen that several of my friends use tablets like the Galaxy Tab, and it is nice to see how they write on them. So I have the next questions. The answer that you can give it's so important for me, because it will help me to decide if I must buy it or not.

  • Can I write as it was a notebook? Any problem that the sensibility is so bad that I have many mistakes so I have to go blurring every moment?

  • Do it works fine the palm rejection? Can I write with my hand pushing the screen, as a traditional notebook?

  • Is writing natural? Is it done just like if you were writing on paper? Is the letter legible?

If you can confirm that this is so, I will buy it. I just want to take notes with the Hipen H2, drawing text and formulas (I do not want to make drawings), paint on PDFs, etc ...

The use of the tablet will also be of course, surf the internet, download material, use Office programs, or even in some case, open some simple piece of light weight in Solidworks.

Sorry for writing so much text, and I hope you help me decide if this combination is right for me and I will not end up regretting it once tested.

Thank you very much for your help, a hug!

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manonegra222| Post time 8-22-2017 09:53:11 | Show all posts
I already answered your questions in the subforum in Spanish. a greeting
Chuwi Moderator
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emily| Post time 8-22-2017 18:35:52 | Show all posts
hello, dear, i think chuwi surbook is also a good choice, please check it: ... ntel-pc-tablet--3#/
have a good day
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mimble| Post time 8-22-2017 21:53:39 | Show all posts
You should look through the threads and definitely search for the H2 pen.
I have the Hi10 pro and H2 pen.
It is definitely not like writing on paper.
The driver is really annoying. Windows does not recognise it as a pen. Windows treats it as a very accurate finger.
In the advertising, chuwi claims something iike 256 pressure levels. In reality, there are two (on and off).
Palm recognition is a bit of a disaster. Search for the phrase palm rejection in these forums.

Ask yourself why it costs so little, compare to the Samsung you mention. You get what you pay for.
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