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sd storage class controller Error code 10

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Carnauser|Post time:9-19-2017 06:55:06 View:3137|Reply:11

jtrosky| Post time 9-13-2017 04:28:42 | Show all posts
This problem is so strange...  It seems to affect some more than others.  To this day, I can use multiple MicroSD cards in all of my Chuwi device (2xHi10 Pros, 1xHi10 Plus and 1xHi12) - in both ANdroid and Windows.  

However, I don't normally use them - just for testing purposes, so maybe the more it gets used, the more problems you have?  I honesty don't understand this issue and what it occurs.  I definitely don't understand why waiting a few days makes it start working again either (for those that have issues)...  Very strange.

I'm sure that someone, somewhere, knows exactly why this occurs and the exact reason, but I still haven't heard it.  :-)
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Vamire| Post time 9-19-2017 06:55:06 | Show all posts
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Not a solution but it works 7/10 without the need to reboot your system.
Part 1) computer Management> Device manager> Storage Controllers right click on 3rd update driver > Browse my computer Let me pick from a list>unclick the show compatible hardware >Choose ufs host controller. after this reboot your system. Then when you boot just wait for 5 mins.
Part 2) Go to windows defender security center you will see a yellow notice icon. Click on view health report & in device driver open the troubleshooter. Then run it to fix the driver.
Every time your sd disappear you just need to do the part 2.

Also update your windows to the latest version.
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