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Chuwi Hi12 Speakers Make this loud static noise instead playing sounds

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Apnellihela|Post time:8-22-2017 22:40:55 View:862|Reply:1

Edited by Apnellihela at 8-22-2017 22:42

Just got my chuwi hi12 few days back and everything works perfectly. All of a sudden every time it plays a system sound or I play any audio instead of the sound it makes this huge white noise shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Trouble shooting did not work.
Had anyone the same problem? Any fix?

Sound works fine on Android. (So not an issue with the hardware)

I also got this problem after the chuwi updated automatically. And I read "While most of the problems that Windows 10 is known to bring pertain to software, there are a few issues that are hardware-related. One of the most common – and also extremely aggravating – hardware issues that a computer may be affected by upon upgrading to Windows 10 is loud buzzing noises."

I uninstalled my audio driver to re install it. Any links to the audio driver?

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Apnellihela| Post time 8-22-2017 22:40:55 | Show all posts
Edited by Apnellihela at 8-22-2017 22:42

So, I looked around for solutions and finally uninstalled the intel SSD driver and uninstalled the Es8316Aud codec which was also in the sound driver.

I was searching online for the drivers and finally found the drivers on chuwi forum (

And I downloaded the driver: … Hi12_Driver_X64.rar

This has all the drivers. I unzipped it. Then went to the device manager and right clicked on the driver that had an unknown sign and selected update it from the hard drive and gave the folder location of the downloaded drivers. It automatically installed all the drivers and after rebooting

Wola…. Sound works fine. his issue is because of the windows update failing to update the sound or something.

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