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Vi10 Turns of, blinks fast

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flhsznlnv|Post time:8-24-2017 13:03:04 View:292|Reply:1

Hi All,

I have a Vi10 with dual OS Win10. It just started to do some wierd thing. I use it plugged in allways. I use a better charger, becouse the factory one does not charge. I have it for 4 month, there was no problem until now.
The tablet turns off all of the sudden, and the orange indicator light starts blinking really fast. (it is blinking slowly when it is charging)
What could be the issue? How can it be fixed?

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mouaisien| Post time 8-24-2017 13:03:04 | Show all posts
Did you try to use back the original charger? If yes, did you see the same problem?
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