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Looking for Stockist in Hong Kong

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Cerberus73|Post time:9-1-2017 13:57:37 View:323|Reply:4

Hi am looking to purchase a Chuwi LapBook 12.3 when i go on vacation to hong kong at the end of September 2017. Originally I was looking to get a SurBook, but it seems no one knows when these will be released, and the lack of information regarding if it will have an M.2 slot put me off. I have contacted Chuwi directly via email but have yet to receive any reply. So if anyone knows of a stockist in HK.. i would be very grateful. I really don't want to order online, and have it sent to the UK.. as i have been hit heavily in the past with import duties and VAT before the post will release the package. I would also need the supplier to offer an international warranty. as i know one of the downsides of buying in HK is the lack of warranty outside the region.

If anyone can also confirm or deny whether the SurBook will be available before end of Sept 2017, and if it does indeed lack an M.2 slot id be grateful for that information as well.

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emily| Post time 9-1-2017 00:01:43 | Show all posts
hello, dear, the SurBook is released now and are shipping to the backers who purchase on crowdfuning in recent days, you can contact, she will tell you what to do, have a good day
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manonegra222| Post time 9-1-2017 01:43:16 | Show all posts
Gearbest has a warehouse in Hong Kong and normally has stock of Lapbook 12.3. You can consult there too
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Cerberus73| Post time 9-1-2017 02:23:22 | Show all posts
Thanks for the Information, Unfortunately gearbest do not allow collection from their warehouse in HK. And i only want a physical store to go purchase the item at.. I'm trying to avoid posting to the UK as I will incur high import taxes and duty.
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glittergirl| Post time 9-1-2017 13:57:37 | Show all posts
I'm actually trying to find a person in charge of distribution for North America. If I could get a phone contact for that person and your headquarters (you may send the privately), I would really appreciate it.

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