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[Other] [Tutorial] Hi10 Pro Original Microsoft Windows 10 ISO and Removing Dual Boot

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rafaelbdm|Post time:10-22-2017 22:59:56 View:2591|Reply:3

Edited by rafaelbdm at 8-31-2017 18:26

Hi friends, I recently bought a Hi10 Pro with the intention of using it as a more portable laptop with better battery life.

For not having liked the Windows image that came in it and find the android unnecessary, since we have smartphone at hand, I was restless and went to clean the tablet soon.

If that is also your wish I will summarize the steps below that have been completely successful for me.

Step 1 - Enter windows, download the "Double Driver" program and back up all the tablet drivers, follow a tutorial on how to do it:

Step 2 - Download the "Media Creation Tool" on microsoft's official website, this tool is original microsoft, virus-free and will create a boot drive for you. This program already download the original image of windows 10 in the microsoft server and automatically creates a boot pendrive.

Step 3 - If you feel insecure with the procedure, I advise you to back up all the partitions with Macrium Reflect Free, in case of disaster it can be a card up your sleeve to restore everything from the factory.

Step 4 - All ready for installation, you will need to have an otg cable and a USB HUB to connect a usb keyboard and the boot pendrive, plug into the micro USB port.

Step 5 - Ensure that the battery is full or plugged in, this is important. Turn on the device and press F7 until the boot menu appears, choose boot from USB and proceed with normal windows installation. You can delete all existing partitions if you do not want the android, this will give you a very interesting space to use on your windows.

Step 6 - After windows is installed and the initial settings are done, you will be in the windows desktop with almost nothing working, this is the time to restore the drivers with the Double Driver, follow the tutorials and restore the Drivers, the program will do the job, so finish reboot once to complete the facilities.

Step 7 - At this point probably everything will be working at least the touch screen, you must enter the device manager windows, have an unknown driver, update the driver and have the search in the file I attached in this post. It is the touch driver that I do not know because it is not backed up by the double driver, but it is here and should work.

Step 8 - To disable dual boot when you turn on the tablet, run the SwitchNOW program in this attachment, the first message chooses no, and after disabling and exit. There, the dual boot will not bother you any more. If you want to enable some day, just do the reverse.

So far if nothing has gone wrong your tablet is already an original windows 10 home notebook, plug into the internet that it will activate your key automatically.
Let him connected on the internet a few hours to pick up the updates and get stabilized.

It was not a very well-illustrated tutorial, but it's the best I can get.
I decided to share the steps that followed and worked out and summarize information I researched, also as a way of thanking me because I got a lot of help in this incredible forum.

Thank you all.

75.58 KB, Downloads: 177

Hi12 SwitchNOW.rar

135.07 KB, Downloads: 177


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emily| Post time 8-31-2017 23:37:05 | Show all posts
cool, it is a good tutorial, i think you help many people who has the same idea like you, have a great day
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marcus04| Post time 10-20-2017 17:20:55 | Show all posts
Hi I really need your help. I've deleted most of the partition to do a clean windows 10 installation like you did.
after install i couldnt get my drivers installed especially touch screen.
it point to other points and coudlnt be calibrated.
please help  me.. thanks!
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marcus04| Post time 10-22-2017 22:59:56 | Show all posts
Hi I'm installed clean windows 10 and now my touch screen is always long touch... any advice?
mine is HQ64G42170101980
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