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Cbuwi Hi13 Charging But Not switching On

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AJcool|Post time:9-5-2017 10:24:12 View:364|Reply:0

Hey good people,

So I got this type C hub, but it doesn't work (cuz the port on the Hi13 is farther in or something). Anyways I ordered for a Micro USB (male) to type C (female) Adapter so I could connect the hub to the micro USB port on the Hi13.

What happens next was just Bad luck I guess. I mistakenly connected my charger (KEYU KA1440) to the micro USB port (via the adapter) instead of the Type C port and my tab just suddenly went off.

-It was around 98% -ish when it happened.
-Tab refuses to come on.
-The LED light comes on when I plug in the charger and goes off after a few minute of charging (guess it's fully charged considering it was close to a 100% when this happened)
-When I connect my phone to the Tab (via an OTG) nothing happens, but if I Tap the power button my phone begins to charge for about 10 seconds and then disconnects.

Gosh, I really hope this is something that can be fixed without the need for a Chuwi service centre.

Your suggestions will be truly appreciated.

PS: I tried holding power button for about 15 seconds after leaving it charging for about 50mins or thereabout then try switching it on again but nothing happens.


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