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[Hibook Pro] RemixOS 2.0 and 3.0

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playmo|Post time:10-7-2017 18:18:26 View:918|Reply:1

Edited by playmo at 9-7-2017 23:11

First of all I deleted both Windows (too slow) and Android (not enough privacy) and than I tried to install Ubuntu in many flavours but I never arrived to have all the features working Now I flashed RemixOS 2.0 that is really fantastic, so cool that I would like to upgrade to 3.0
Is there someone over there that have 3.0 running with all the features working?
Don't speack about Phoenix cause I'm reading it does not run touch screen
Should I go for 3.0? or is there another OS like these to try?
Thank you


here for my Hibook Pro
now running Remix OS 2.0 rooted

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Tantra| Post time 10-7-2017 18:18:26 | Show all posts
Fantastic! I would like to do the same. Just have one OS, but not Windows.  Remix 2.0 was good on my Vi 10 plus when it did not crash. Now it's not working as the screen does not come on. Everything else is still fine.

For Remix 3.0 you need Android 6.
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