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Can you install stuff to the micro sd card

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Apnellihela|Post time:9-11-2017 15:28:44 View:373|Reply:1

I just added a 128GB Samsung EVO micro sd card to my chuwi hi12. It shows in exFAT and shows the image icon of SD card when viewed on my computer. WHen I try to install something to it giving a folder in the location it says the program cannot be installed in this location. (It is read only). Is there a fix to it?

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mercu| Post time 9-11-2017 15:28:44 | Show all posts
Dont know why you would have  problem with it.

I also use exactly the SAME card you do: Samsung Evo Plus 128 GB.

No problem at all to install Steam, League of Legends, even skype.

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