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@Chuwi - Are you going to fix the known bugs?

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Toils|Post time:10-14-2017 10:15:29 View:367|Reply:2

As we have all experienced bugs with the latest two revisions of the lapbook 14.1 we all have regrets that we bought this laptop. It is a good laptop, but the reason to regret it is because the bugs are not getting fixed and the Chuwi team has not reached out to us.

Just a simple question @Chuwi:
- Are you fixing the known bugs and problems?

Don't keep us waiting for the bugfix that will or will not come. Don't let us wait for the Chuwi support that will or will never be there. I check the forum every couple days for new updates, but we never hear a word from Chuwi.

Other users, please leave a comment below with your opinion on this.

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Ernst| Post time 10-5-2017 07:24:52 | Show all posts
Some time ago "Emily" responded every now and then when support was required. Since a couple of months Chuwi is dead silent. Support on the LapBook 14.1 is now non-existant.

My company planned to buy a large number of these systems but then suddenly the second revision showed up with the power management problem and the third revision without M.2 slot. We have taken our business elsewhere and have decided never to buy Chinese notebooks again. No support means no sale.

I reckon there will be no support for the outstanding bugs. I pity buyers of the more recent LapBooks 12.1 etc. since they will experience the same lack of suport.
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tom55day| Post time 10-14-2017 10:15:29 | Show all posts
Zero chance of any fix.  Chuwi don't give a flying F...
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