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Surbook power on issue

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AqibNaseem|Post time:3-7-2018 12:22:13 View:991|Reply:7

Edited by AqibNaseem at 10-18-2017 06:17

I have a SurBook that does not power-up when the power button is pressed.

I only get a blue LED.

Does anyone know what the issue is?

I have looked at the cable issue and that is not the cause.

I am really annoyed with CHUWI, after waiting for such a long period of time the Surbook is faulty.
After two weeks of trying to contact them, I had to resort to spamming them on the twitter account, they finally answered my emails but then this is their policy on repairs!!

But please note the following Chuwi policy before returning it:
1. You have to pay the freight from your country when you return it to Chuwi factory. If there is any taxes and fees when you return your surbook, you have to pay it. If not, we will refuse your package.
2. We will pay the freight from my country when we send surbook to you.
3. In order to reduce the customs tax and save your money, please return your surbook via the cheapest shipping method (Post Office).
4. Please just return the defective surbook, don't return the keyboard, screen protection, pen, charger and so on.(If possible, just return surbook, not include box.)
5. After returning Surbook, please send me a tracking number and your shipping address.
6. After repairing your surbook, we will re-send it to you and send you a email with tracking number.

As you can see from the above

I am liable for all the shipping charges.
They recommend that I ship using the slowest method.
They recommend that I only send the Surbook without its box!!!

I am stuck between sending it at a high shipping cost close to its value plus customs charges, for a quicker repair, or wait (some people have been waiting for 4-5 MONTHS plus) for chuwi to repair their tablets.
Above all if the tablet is damaged in transit I bet CHUWI will not accept any responsibility.

What is really annoying me is I paid for a product that I should arrive working, they shipped a faulty product. Why should I have to pay for this to be sorted out? And wait 3-8 Months plus.

Recently, I have asked for a refund and I only get emails back saying to just post the SurBook back for repair.

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keith61| Post time 11-5-2017 07:40:17 | Show all posts
Had the same problem, shipped at cost of over $100 back end of Sept. Still waiting for a return, but Emily did confirm they received it 3 weeks ago.

Not real happy either as I only had the thing 2 weeks and out $500 so far with nothing to show for it!
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artowi| Post time 11-5-2017 12:49:48 | Show all posts
Please let us know if you are lucky and you get it back still in 2017.  My Hi13 now is gone for well over 3 months.  Not really what you expect from after sales service....
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keith61| Post time 11-11-2017 08:05:41 | Show all posts
Not a vote of confidence in their favor that's for sure!
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Chuwbacca| Post time 11-11-2017 17:21:39 | Show all posts
If you paid with credit card it might be worth contacting your bank and seek their advice... A credit card chargeback might be an option...
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keith61| Post time 11-21-2017 16:54:19 | Show all posts

Got my SURBOOK back today. All is well. Thanks again Emily!
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AqibNaseem| Post time 3-7-2018 07:59:48 | Show all posts
I still have a broken surbook and NO support whatsoever.

I initiated a chargeback that indiegogo challenged on the basis that it was a "contribution" and my bank just reversed it.

So I am at a complete loss with no support from CHUWI.

All I can do is to make noise!

Emily where is the repair center in the UK?

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manonegra222| Post time 3-7-2018 12:22:13 | Show all posts
AqibNaseem replied at 3-7-2018 16:59
I still have a broken surbook and NO support whatsoever.

I initiated a chargeback that indiegogo ch ...

The last news I had was that I was going to send the tablet to Chuwi to repair or change in October 2017; have not sent it yet?
Chuwi Moderator
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