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Surbook Wifi Problem

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fredgg|Post time:2-21-2018 12:37:03 View:803|Reply:4

My surbook is having Wifi issues! Upon receiving Surbook, I noticed Surbook was showing one bar of Wifi signal at places where my other devices would show 3 or 4 bars. And the Wifi was always sluggish (i.e., much slower than my other devices when they are placed side by side, loading the same web page). Now after a couple days it refuses to connect to Wifi at all. Please help!


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emily| Post time 10-26-2017 01:10:18 | Show all posts
If you can’t connect  WIFI, you can try following ways :
1, first check whether network wireless devices operate normally;  whether connection distance is within the valid range,  whether the tablet is connected to the WIFI , whether the method  of using tablet is correct.

2. Whether the network is matched with wifi band (2.4GHz in the communications field called ISM (Industry Science Medicine) the world's public use of the wireless frequency band, is free of charge can be used without the application. So to WLAN brought about by the The disadvantage is interference, because the WLAN work in the 2.4GHz band, some other wireless devices (such as Bluetooth, wireless mouse, etc.) work in the band will interfere with the WLAN wireless signal, resulting in the actual use of WLAN performance deterioration. Group developed a standard in the 5GHz band, 5GHz band is not so much daily interference, the band is very clean, under the same conditions, business performance is better than 2.4GH) you can look at these
3, check whether put the metal plate on the top of the metal, because the metal shielding the signal.
4, whether install the software (for example: anti-virus software), if installed, then there may be software conflicts, uninstall  the software can resolve this problem.
5, if the above are not, you can try to solve by refresh machine. Note: refresh to use the correct method and the refresh machine to match the firmware.
6, refresh still can not solve, that is the hardware problem, please turn maintenance.
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fredgg| Post time 10-28-2017 09:26:27 | Show all posts
I tried all of the above method (well, except 5 and 6) and it did not solve the problem:

1. The tablet is definitely within range of the router. The strange thing is that the tablet can connect to WiFi SOMETIMES, even showing full bars of signal. But after some random period (varies from a few seconds to a few hours), the connection would drop. The tablet would display "No WiFi networks found". Please note this happened at exactly the SAME location, I did not move the tablet. I even saw the WiFi signal bar drop from 4 to 1 in the blink of an eye while sitting next to the router.

2. Same thing, I don't see how this can be a Wireless band issue. I have tested the SurBook with an iPAD mini side-by-side. While iPAD is getting full WiFi signal, Surbook is getting none. And I must stress that the problem is RANDOM, I would be able to connect Surbook to Wifi for a few minutes by manually disconnect and reconnect in WiFi settings, but after a while the connection would always drop.

3. I checked various positions of Surbook, no difference. Nothing is blocking the Wifi signal.

4. This problem existed RIGHT OUT OF BOX, I did not change or install any anti-Virus software. It is VERY FRUSTRATING for a brand new tablet to have this problem.

5. How would you do that to "refresh" the machine? Please provide detailed instructions. Also, I find it ridiculous that I have to do that for a BRAND NEW machine.

6. How could I contact your maintenance department?

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Stefan| Post time 2-21-2018 11:03:40 | Show all posts
fredgg replied at 10-28-2017 09:26
I tried all of the above method (well, except 5 and 6) and it did not solve the problem:

1. The tab ...

Hello, I have just the same problem. If I am in a room next to the router (max 5m), WIFI is working, but it is extreeeemly slow and more often it loses signal and finds signal again and loses again and so on...
It is really frustatraing! I want to contact the maintanance, cause it is likely a hardware issue.

BUT, I already send two service requests in CHUWI homepage regarding this matter, first one 2 months ago and another 3 weeks ago. But still to this date, I received NONE, ZERO answer at all!!

I feel really left alone from CHUWI!

Please I need some help in this matter, cause so it's a 320$ Tablet with the serios restriction that it can only be used in direct near to the wifi router which is a nogo for a tablet!

Best regards!
Stefan, Germany
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manonegra222| Post time 2-21-2018 12:37:03 | Show all posts
Stefan replied at 2-21-2018 20:03
Hello, I have just the same problem. If I am in a room next to the router (max 5m), WIFI is workin ...

Please write to if you have not already done so and have only left the notice on the Chuwi website.

Regarding the problem that you indicate, there have been cases that have been resolved by performing a Windows restoration, keeping your files, from the security options as follows:
Open startup, configuration, update and security, recovery, reset this PC. Ask if you want to keep your files and brands yes. It is a process that will take a while, so put the charger and wait for it to finish. Check if you have improved the range of Wifi
Chuwi Moderator
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