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Surbook stuck in customs (UK)

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madlan|Post time:12-8-2017 10:56:33 View:354|Reply:3

Hi, please can you assist? DHL attempt to contact Chuwi regarding the value of the Surbook but you do not respond to them?

Waybill: 3894643863

Further Detail:
Shipment is held pending clarification of goods valuation

Next Step:
A DHL representative shall attempt to contact the importer for further clarification or proof of valuation if required by Customs.

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bins| Post time 11-7-2017 09:43:53 | Show all posts

you are the importer - contact DHL with a copy of your invoice.
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Gajack| Post time 11-7-2017 10:05:12 | Show all posts
contact DHL
Chuwi Moderator,

PM me if you have any questions ;)
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Techdragonz| Post time 12-8-2017 10:56:33 | Show all posts
Has this been sorted?
DHL normally would contact you and if they dont or they dont receive the needed papers in time they will put an estimated value on it and will tell you to pay the amount of taxes and what not for that price.
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