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Bluetooth Sound Stuttering

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ProfNuke|Post time:12-28-2017 22:05:47 View:340|Reply:4

Edited by ProfNuke at 11-10-2017 16:38

Bluetooth is not functioning correctly in my opinion.

I want to play sound over Bluetooth headsets.
I have already tried three different pairs.
The sound is always stuttering.
if i only use a bluetooth mouse AND viewing a video simultaneusly, the sound stutters. without the mouse, everything seems fine (not testet that much).
the bandwith can not be that worse!?
maybe the bandwith isn't that good because of an old driver?
So any help / fix / ideas?

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Chuwbacca| Post time 11-10-2017 17:04:07 | Show all posts
Edited by Chuwbacca at 11-11-2017 12:06

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.. I believe most Chuwi devices use a combined wifi and bluetooth chip which use a single antenna for both, so there is always issues if you try using both wifi and bluetooth at the same time...

If you're just web browsing over wifi and using a bluetooth mouse things are usually ok, but if you stream video or transfer files the wifi and bluetooth will be very flakey, the bluetototh disconnects and the wifi drops out often, it's damn annoying...

You could try these suggestions but the chances are you'll probably never get it 100% reliable:
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ProfNuke| Post time 11-22-2017 00:08:54 | Show all posts
yeah i think you are right: combined wifi and bluetooth.

so far i tried the following:
- deactivated ipv6
- Antenna Diversity enabled
- frequency to only 20 mhz

no help.
BUT: one last thing to try:
my BT-Mouse uses BT 2.0. I will buy me a BT 4.0 mouse and hope that this is working better (with less BT Traffic). Will report then
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sosak| Post time 12-28-2017 09:34:58 | Show all posts
I'm afraid higher BT version won't help. Having issues with old "no name" mouse with BT 2.0, as well as with Xiaomi Mi Mouse with BT 4.0 from the very beginning.
Updated yesterday the "Intel BT Drivers" (as Chuwi uses only 1 antenna for both WiFi & BT - AC 3165 module) - did not help
Beginning to think of selling this piece of *** and purchasing something else...
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Chuwbacca| Post time 12-28-2017 22:05:47 | Show all posts
Beginning to think of selling this piece of *** and purchasing something else.

Yep, I'd say you get what you pay for... but with Chuwi you don't even get that... The specs and functionality never live up to what Chuwi claim they will be...
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