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Chuwi 12.3 Screen Blurry

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Sekar|Post time:12-1-2017 12:37:49 View:484|Reply:3

Bought a Chuwi 12.3 Lapbook 3 days before, and the screen seems to be blurry.
Tried changing the screen settings, changing text from 200% recommended to 125 or 225 - but again its making the texts blurry.
My problem is the top 2 inches of screen is very clear, but the blurry shake effect happens from then to the Bottom of the screen.
Even videos are blurry, pictures are disoriented.
Is this a software fix or hardware issue ? Have sent an email to too.
Would highly appreciate if someone can solve my problem. Thanks.

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Sekar| Post time 11-12-2017 02:07:53 | Show all posts
Attached is the screenshot, which clearly shows the top part of screen isvery clear, shaky effect is seen after the header line.

Screenshot-2017-11-12 【notice】Chuwi 12 3 Screen Blurry - Chuwi Lapbook 12 3 - .png
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javipas| Post time 11-15-2017 00:37:23 | Show all posts
I've got the same exact problem. There's a band of around 2cm in the lower part of the screen (not exactly the bottom) that is blurry and makes everything (text, images) wobble.

I wonder if there's some BIOS update or maybe some driver that could fix this, but I'm affraid this is a hardware problem. Maybe the screen needs to be replaced as a whole.
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Sekar| Post time 12-1-2017 12:37:49 | Show all posts
The Lapbook was returned to Banggood, and the refund process was successful.

Liked the slim sleek chuwi but alas the screen issue made it a bad experience for me, otherwise its an awesome value for money lapbook. Hope chuwi corrects these problems soon.
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