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How long does it take chuwi to repair a faulty device?

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wizzycliffy|Post time:11-15-2017 00:48:59 View:301|Reply:4

I backed chuwi surbook on indiegogo, after waiting for 4 months i received a faulty device. shaking, flickering and blurred screen.

i really want to return it for repair or they change it for me.

but am worried about the duration of the repair, i dont want a situation were i will have to wait for several months again before i get my surbook back.

if you have returned a faulty device back to chuwi before please tell me your experience.


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Techdragonz| Post time 11-14-2017 12:59:12 | Show all posts
Well... So sorry that this may be your first experience with chuwi... because,

When the devices work well, thats great! You have a device that is very nice for the money.

But if you are unlucky and you need to send it back?! well expect to have some issues:
- They may not find your parcel
- It will take very long to repair
- They will not respond quickly to your mail.

Sending it back is mostly a one way ticket... Some people have been waiting for more than 3 months and still do not have it back!
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artowi| Post time 11-14-2017 13:19:33 | Show all posts
The Surbook was advertised '2 in 1' which means it is your first and last CHUWI product all in one.

To me the continuning frustration with loops of promise - hope - disappointment actually is worse than the financial loss so maybe your best option is just to forget about CHUWI and your Surbook.

Or you buy another lottery ticket and play for a Corebook on Indiegogo?  Some people on this forum can confirm there is a chance for a winning ticket...

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emily| Post time 11-15-2017 00:28:27 | Show all posts
hello, could you please try this driver? please check it: ...
have a good day
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Chuwbacca| Post time 11-15-2017 00:48:59 | Show all posts
The best thing to do is talk to your bank or credit card company about a chargeback, Chuwi will just stall you until it's too late to do that... (a lot of credit card companies offer buyer protection)
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