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Jumpy screen

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bluejay|Post time:11-15-2017 12:16:23 View:407|Reply:1

I have the jumpy screen too. It is the bottom 1/2 to 2/3. It vibrates fast and looks like double vision. This was after Windows 10 update. I set the video drivers to high performance and it fixed for a while. Next boot up and it came back. Fully reset the computer and it stopped. Next boot up and it came back.

I set Win 10 to not change any drivers but it still came back. You can't tell Win 10 not to update before it starts to update. Anyway, you have to let Win 10 update or you will have the old version with flaws forever.

In theory, there could be a driver / software fix for this but it is not my job. I can install working drivers if Chuwi will provide some? As it is - Gearbest gets it back. Too bad because I liked everything except the screen trouble.

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Chuwbacca| Post time 11-15-2017 12:16:23 | Show all posts
Start a Paypal dispute it might encourage them to find a fix... (also look into Paypal Return Shipping Refund, paypal will refund you the return postage costs if you have to return it)
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