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[Guide] How to remove tdp cpu limit

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Before I start I want to say that I am not responsible for any damage you may or may not do to your laptop. I have tested this method on my own lapbook 14.1 rev2 with thermal tdp mod. I would not recommend to remove your tdp limit if you do not have the thermal mod with copper sink!
As many of you know since rev.2, chuwi has put a limit on the cpu. So the laptop has become much slower. My laptop has a tdp of 6w and runs at max 1.2 - 1.4 ghz. The N3450 cpu can run at 2.2 ghz speed.

Why increase the tdp when the power management is already bad you ask? 1. The power management is already bad, so you probably already keep the laptop plugged in or charge it every hour. 2. If the laptop can finish task faster, it isn't on 100% load all the time and consumes less battery (I think).

1. First download rweverything, portable version at Unzip it in a directory. This directory and the files in it should never be deleted since you will need it everytime to remove the tdp.

2. Open notepad and paste the following in it:
cd D:\users\documents\portable\RWEverything\
start RW.exe /Min /Nologo /Stdout /Command="WRMSR 0x610 0x0 0x00DD8900"

Replace the path that comes after cd with the path to where your rweverthing exe is.
On the second line, you see /Command=''[command]". Replace this command with what you want, the current example is for 9v.
"WRMSR 0x610 0x0 0x00DD8F00" for 0-15v
"WRMSR 0x610 0x0 0x00DD8A00" for 0-10v
"WRMSR 0x610 0x0 0x00DD8600" for 0-6v
"WRMSR 0x610 0x0 0x00000000" for no limit

With thermal mod, I have set mine to 15v. I recommend you to test lower first before going up.

3. Save the file. Save as ''all files'' and name it remove_tdp.bat.

4. Open task manager to see your processor speed. Now start the bat file and see the difference. If it didn't work you must've done something wrong, got back to step 1.

5. Now we have to make it permanent, because the tdp limit will be at 6v after each reboot. To do this, we have to make a 'scheduled task'.
Guide how to do it can be found here:
The guide is a bit old, but it's easy and you will be fine ;)

Please leave a reply if it is or is not working for you.

Source and credit: Russian 4pda site [link]

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HWinfo tdp

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