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Deal-breaker touchpad sensitivity issues!

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Cup0Noodles|Post time:12-15-2017 16:29:42 View:874|Reply:3

Hi - I am having a deal-breaker issue with the touchpad that prevents me from doing any real work on this tablet. The touchpad is overly sensitive and I've encountered a number of issues:

1) While typing, the touchpad picks up my thumbs hovering over the keys as movement (not touching the touchpad mind you, only hovering) and then brings up a window in the background or something else funny that disrupts my typing.
2) When using the touchpad itself as a mouse, it's just very inaccurate, especially when I use the pad to click. It's often registering commands that I didn't intend to do. (Like just now when it made my web browser zoom to 300% magnification!) Sometimes it brings up a right-click menu, sometimes it switches me into another app. It seems to be registering a lot of "ghost commands" that I'm not intentionally doing. The "ghost commands" also seem random in nature.

Things I've tried to remedy the poor touchpad situation:
A) I installed Touchpad Blocker ( which "disables" the touchpad while you're typing. This help a little bit with issue #1 but does nothing to help issue #2.
B) I've installed multiple Goodix drivers for the touchpad, all of which do not fix any of the issues. I installed the newest drivers, one version prior, and even a version from 2015 that I found online. Nothing helps!
C) The only real "fix" for issue #2 is to use a wireless mouse and avoid using the touchpad altogether. And what's annoying about this "fix" is that even with the mouse connected, there is absolutely no way to disable the review which still causes issue #1!

I see that there are a number of users on this forum who are encountering this same issue, as well as reviewers online. For example, this accurately summarizes my touchpad issues:

"Unfortunately the SurBook's trackpad is a dealbreaker. It feels imprecise and "Tap to click" is enabled by default. It's incredibly sensitive, making it easy to click by accident, and there's no way to turn it off. It's incredibly frustrating when you're trying to get things done.

You can't dip into the Windows settings to change this because the SurBook only recognises the trackpad as a mouse. This means you lose Windows' advanced trackpad configuration options and access to the trackpad driver tab. Cutting corners like this really takes the shine off the SurBook and you can find owners of other Chuwi devices complaining about it in the forums."

I really just want to return this Surbook as I'm really frustrated trying to use it as a daily device. I've spent countless hours trying to fix this touchpad issue but I think it just comes down to bad/cheap hardware choice.

Chuwi - I don't know if you monitor these forums but I really tried to give this device a chance. The tablet portion of the device is amazing, but you really should have spent a little more time/money on the touchpad that really ruins the overall experience. At this point, I don't know if I really want to spend any more time dealing with this issue but I will wait to hear back on a response.

A very frustrated Surbook customer

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manonegra222| Post time 11-24-2017 01:25:49 | Show all posts
Edited by manonegra222 at 11-25-2017 23:46

From what I see, all your problems come from the use of the trackpad.
Personally, before touching any configuration or drivers, I do not know if you have had the precaution of copying before changing them, I prefer to check if my problem really corresponds to hardware or softwarte.
The problems that you indicate correspond entirely with the gestures of Windows 10, which I do not know if you know, but that are implemented by default in this operating system. If you want to know more about them and how to use them you can search for "gestures of windows 10" in google.
Window closures, application changes and enlargements of the windows are gestures that correspond to friction and subtle displacements on the trackpad.
If it is your interest to deactivate them, you only have to write "gestures" in the lower left window, to the right of start. A panel will open in which you can disable all or some of them.
As you can see, so far I have not spoken about Chuwi. Only Windows and I have not spoken badly about it.
With regard to what you indicate that you are writing and suddenly strange things happen, such as cursor site changes and others, you should notice, because almost certainly, rub lightly with the thumbs on the trackpad and the cursor changes position. That explains the erratic trackpad behavior you indicate.
Any other thing you want, comment it and I do not rule out that your keyboard may have a problem, but please, first check this that I have written to you.
To avoid these problems while you are writing, you can deactivate the trackpad using the FN + spacebar combination.
There is a light on the keyboard warning that it is deactivated and, when you want to activate it again, you must press these keys again.

If after checking this, you still have problems, you should record a video in which you appreciate and send it to

Chuwi Moderator
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kakan| Post time 12-14-2017 18:29:18 | Show all posts
"...The problems that you indicate correspond entirely with the gestures of Windows 10..."

That iscompletely false.
1. The "gestures" performed by the Surbook touchpad are hardcoded and send the same commands in any operating system. It behaves the same in linux.
2. The version of Windows 10 shipped with the tablet, combined with the lack of real dedicated touchpad drivers and software, does not offer any settings for configuring the gestures.
3. This is almost always a problem with the cheap chinese tablets. The touchpad runs as a generic HID, it is a cheap quality, low resolution, non-configurable, virtually unusable piece of plastic.

This has absolutly nothing to do with WIndows 10, since this problem doesn't exist on any other tablets. Only the chinese brands (Cube, Chuwi, Teclast, Onda etc) do this.
It's ok, just admit it...You make cheap tablets, with ok quality but you really don't care for touchpads. You just suck touchpads.
You coulnd't care less about touchpads!

Stop deflecting.
Just own it.

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manonegra222| Post time 12-15-2017 16:29:42 | Show all posts
Edited by manonegra222 at 12-16-2017 01:32
kakan replied at 12-15-2017 03:29
That iscompletely false.
1. The "gestures" performed by the Surbook touchpad are hardcoded and se ...

I can admit different opinions but I will never admit that you say that I lie. I have a SurBook in perfect working order and with the trackpad operative. It may be that some may have failures, but this can not be generalized and applied to the entire production.
Regarding the issue of Windows gestures, I would appreciate it before documenting and checking that Windows 10 introduces a series of gestures that, when not known by users, are mistaken for trackpad malfunctions: ... 0-touchpad-gestures
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