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hi12 after updating the bios does not turn on

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vyger|Post time:12-4-2017 16:34:46 View:443|Reply:6

I tried to update the bios with the latest version.
at the end of the upgrade, it is off
now only the keyboard or monitor LED lights up.
does not do anything else

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mouaisien| Post time 11-27-2017 11:06:06 | Show all posts
You said 'I tried', does that mean you don't succed? Can you still enter bios by pressing F7? Hmmm, sure not if screen stay black... Perhaps do you feel a heat on the back of the tablet? What happens when connected to a PC?
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vyger| Post time 11-30-2017 02:26:28 | Show all posts
when the ignition is switched on and F7 lights up the keyboard on the keyboard and that's enough.
Tablet-free tablet PC tablet with usb cable and ignition switch, nothing happens. Do not turn on led the pc does not recognize it.
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mouaisien| Post time 11-30-2017 12:11:00 | Show all posts
I am so sorry for you. I hope Motobot will be able to help you.
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Motobot| Post time 11-30-2017 14:08:56 | Show all posts
Thanks mouaisien.
I'm afraid that I can not help in this case. The trouble with this forum is that none of the official threads is written directly that BIOS flashing does not solve any of problems, but this creates new problems inevitably.
Unfortunately, the owners of Chuwi tablets in their majority are very careless and do not take into account the realities. They do not understand that they are dealing with cheap products from China. They are too lazy to spend time reading and studying.
Keep in mind that Chuwi did not release the BIOS update for the Hi12 tablet. They are releasing a new BIOS for new versions of tablets. This is new BIOS, but not so-called "latest" one for updating. It's not suitable for older versions.
Hello vyger,
Sorry for bad news for you. You've bricked your tablet yourself.
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manonegra222| Post time 11-30-2017 14:55:20 | Show all posts
It's the pure reality. I have written many times that I do not understand the habit of receiving the tablet or laptop, updating the Bios and reinstalling the operating system. Sometimes, without even using it.
I have a maxim: Do not touch what works.
Bios updates should only be made to correct malfunction situations and when recommended by the manufacturer.
A new Bios does not always mean an improvement, it may be because they have changed the characteristics of the same item and require a new bios for its operation.
I think the bios should not be available in the forum to avoid so many team blocks due to this bad practice.
Chuwi Moderator
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Robson1006| Post time 12-4-2017 16:34:46 | Show all posts
Good night, I come here as a last resort, we do not know what to do, I bought Chuwi Hi12, 9 months ago and even in the update of bios burned the motherboard after 1 hour running, that's right, I paid 300 dollars on a device that worked for 1 hour. I emailed the support service and one and never got a decent response. I do not have a support and I do not receive any answers or receive answers without solution! I want to buy a motherboard of Chuwi Hi12, I need only this motherboard, battery is ok, screen ok, everything ok, but I need this motherboard, where do I pay and how much do I pay? I want my tablet to work, I need to use it and I need support, I live in Brazil.

I am waiting for the last time a help from the company to send me this motherboard.

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