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HI12 not work with stylus H3

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mklrss|Post time:12-20-2017 02:51:16 View:1221|Reply:9

I've received my HI12(dual boot) with keyboard and stylus H3 from official Chuwi store in Aliexpress last week. Basically all is good, but stylus is not work.
Nothing reactions from tablet. Battery on stylus is good, its tested with special battery test tool. In addition I've tested H1 stylus, which is not not working too.
The second malfunction is that I have no possibility to choose Windows or Android when tablet is in start process. Screen have no reactions, always downloaded last operating system, which was worked before switched off.
Serial no. of HI12 is Q64G45170900XXX
Model Name CWI520
BIOS version: 5,11 dated 16.08.2017
Stylus is important tool in my scenarios of use for this tablet. Pls. help.
Thanks a lot in advance/

Use magic Report| Post time 11-30-2017 01:26:54 | Show all posts
I already read by another forum that the new Hi12 tablets are compatible with the Hipen H3, but if you indicate that neither the Hipen H3 nor the H1 your Tablet can be defective. If you just received the best is to contact the seller and agree a return or replacement of the equipment.
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mklrss| Post time 11-30-2017 12:48:39 | Show all posts
Thanks a lot for your kind help! I've inform the seller about this problem already.
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hpStPaul| Post time 12-1-2017 19:19:54 | Show all posts
Edited by hpStPaul at 12-1-2017 19:21

You are not alone.  When I bought the tablet I insisted in compatibility with H3.  Despite CHUWI's reassurance, I received a tablet that does not recognize H3 pens.  I disputed it with Aliexpress and got some money refunded.  I was able to get the tablet to work with H1 pen.  However, I just lost the pen which I depend on for my work.  There is no place to find a H1 pen

CHUWI what is your solution?  
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Use magic Report| Post time 12-4-2017 06:54:28 | Show all posts
Well, your problem is strange, for this issue there are users with HI12 who say they use Hipen H3 and it works well for them:
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manonegra222| Post time 12-4-2017 11:28:17 | Show all posts
The Hi12 models that support the H3 stylus indicate this on the back of the tablet next to the serial number

Chuwi Moderator
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mklrss| Post time 12-4-2017 12:49:52 | Show all posts
Edited by mklrss at 12-4-2017 12:59

It is very interesting info! My tablet have no this mark on the back cover. However, on the box label we can see, that it is "Stylus version"! I've ordered tablet, keyboard and stylus as one set on the official Chuwi store on Aliexpress and now can't have a possibility to claim the seller! I've received all components of set, in manufacturer covers, with native cover films! How the seller can identity on his warehouse, that this tablet not support stylus, when it is indicate inside the box, which is cover of film? Only according label on the box! How we can fix this cause? Stylus option is very important for me.

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technisol| Post time 12-4-2017 15:31:09 | Show all posts
Edited by technisol at 12-4-2017 16:05

If your HI12 says HiPen H3 then you need the H3 stylus, if it doesn't say anything about the stylus then it's probably made for the H1 pen... or an early model which didn't support pen.  Unlikely if your tablet is "new".  You probably got a slightly older stock new tablet compatible with only an H1 pen.

Part of the problem is the sellers are going to sell whatever they can because that's what they do, and they don't want to get stuck with Hi12 tablets that support H1 pen when they do not have H1 pens, so they are probably getting rid of old/new stock hi12 models that only support H1 pen, or they might not even understand the requirements...  Chuwi hasn't exactly made it clear it seems.
Back when I ordered mine last year the issue was whether you'd get a dual boot tablet that supported pen at all!  I watched other people's posts from the seller I wanted to use and eventually felt confident that they were supplying the new model with pen input, so I then felt it was Ok to order as I wanted pen input or no tablet at all.  Obviously, Chuwi has found yet anither way to make a mess of things with pen input.  HiPEN H3 compatible should be prominent on the outside of the packaging so sellers can ensure the proper item is sent if an H3 pen is ordered.)

I think you either need to get an H1 pen or return the tablet and make them send you one compatible with the H3 pen.  Chuwi created the issue by not renaming the Tablets when major changes were made, but the seller needs to take responsibility too...  Frankly, Chuwi should have just made EVERYONE aware of when changes were made, including their resellers, or just packaged the danged pens with the tablets.  They've caused a lot of fuss for a lot of otherwise reasonably happy customers over a $20 accessory!  That is monumentally STUPID!

Chuwi, do you realize how much more than the profit you make per stylus it will cost you to regain those customers or get others every time you cause prospective customers and actual customers to lose confidence in your brand or their ability to purchase a working integrated system?  You'd be better off eating the cost of a stylus or raising your price slightly and ensuring every customer gets a pen that actually works right instead of making Chuwi look incompetent as a company.  How many times will you shoot yourselves in the foot over the same issue?

Best of luck.
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mklrss| Post time 12-4-2017 19:24:38 | Show all posts
Thanks a lot for your reply! I have tested h1 pen and it is not operate too.)))
Basically, all is ok, tablet and keyboard works good and I'm waiting reply from seller now. Next I will claim and finalyze this issue. Nothing new, it is typically problem of chinese manufacturer, I well know!
Best regards.
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bins| Post time 12-20-2017 02:51:16 | Show all posts
Well said Technisol!

'The second malfunction is that I have no possibility to choose Windows or Android when tablet is in start process. Screen have no reactions'
Use the volume rocker switch to choose boot OS.
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