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Cases for Mini surbook

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lrmmf|Post time:3-16-2018 03:41:49 View:892|Reply:3

hi, can someone suggest me cases for Chuwi mini surbook, that i can buy on the internet, and from an european store (preferently to avoid customs and transport?

Supposedly this tablet has these dimensions 268.9 mm x 183.9 mm x 8.7 mm.

Since the Surface 3 will have 267.0 mm x 187.0 mm x 8.6 mm and the Surface 4 292.10mm x 201.42mm x 8.45mm, cases for them should also serve for the Surbook, right?

I would like something pretty, soft, protective, inexpensive and that allows "standing  up" like this one:

Please notice that it is for the *mini* surbook...


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feveran| Post time 2-9-2018 14:03:49 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
I also need that advice immediately
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Use magic Report| Post time 2-10-2018 00:59:57 | Show all posts
It is very difficult for a declared cover with a value of about 5 or 10 USD to be paid customs.
Where you first see this type of accessories is on Aliexpress, here is an example of which is located for the Chuwi Surbook Mini. ... 59_32852606526.html

I know it's not the kind of case you're looking for, but this is what you find for this tablet model. The other sleeve models may come out soon.
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Use magic Report| Post time 3-16-2018 03:41:49 | Show all posts
There are some cases available for Chuwi Surbook Mini ... iewCP=y&catId=0
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