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BIOS problem in Chuwi HI8 Pro - dead. Flash bios.

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wojtek_gtx|Post time:1-3-2018 16:05:20 View:810|Reply:1

Hello all
I have a problem with my HI8 Pro - it's dead
I wanted to do an upgdate Bios and something got downloaded but now the tablet is dark.
I got him Bios under dualboot but after this surgery I can not even enter Bios.
Please help .
I am not a computer supermen, so I would ask for a step-by-step explanation.
If I hold the power button for a long time, something starts to happen, the diode on the pendrive lights up, but nothing more.
If I drive a disk-usb, it does not change anything.
Generally, I would like to have only windows 10 without android, but I have to run the device the most.
I downloaded Bios under windows - the pendrive format in FAT32 the WINPE disk name I am loading two files from the "HI8 PRO BIOS.rar" archive, but nothing happens ...

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thaayb| Post time 1-3-2018 16:05:20 | Show all posts
If your tablet is not responding at all you may have flashed a wrong bios and completely bricked it. You can only fix this by opening the tablet and re flashing the bios chip manually. See here:
Never perform a bios update on a working device!
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