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Techdragonz|Post time:12-5-2017 13:15:31 View:277|Reply:0

Guys, the time has come... The moment we'e all been waiting for! The first (Or at least the first to catch my eye) device with a snapdragon that can run windows.

What will this bring us? Cheaper more powerfull windows PC's or will the companies just rip us off for them? Keep in mind that the snapdragon 135 has an antutu score of +/-150000 while my N3450 only reaches 70000!
The price of the 835 is about the same as a N3450! Keep that in mind...

Comment what  YOU think will happen:
Will chinese tablet manufacturers make use of this and thus promising even better value for money?
Will they stick to the cheapo and weako CPUS like the N3450>

You tell me!

Read the article here: ... ands-on-snapdragon/

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