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Just read, You'll see my point!

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Techdragonz|Post time:12-6-2017 08:07:48 View:224|Reply:2

I know, I know... It is a bit out of topic... But what else should one do to keep this forum active, right?

The  new Gopro Hero6 is a piece of overpriced crap... We all know it, it has bugs, hero5 quality looks just as good and it is way overpriced! You can buy a flagship phone for that amount...
I've been closely talking t SJcam recently and as I bought their SJ7 star, which btw is a very good action camera, I was wondering if they would step up their game and join the big boys aka Yi and gopro, It wasnt to long until they could confirm my thought. They joined the big boys and are due to release the SJCAM SJ8 Pro in the beginning of 2018...

It will be able to record 4k at 60 fps at an affordable price! And no, not that interpolated BS! REAL 4k60...

Now, I do not know the exact pricing but knowing SJCAM they always keep their prices under Yi and Gopro and as the Yi 4k+ costs about 299 Euro, I can almost guarantee you that its price will be around 249.99 at launch! seeing that the Goopro hero6 costs about 600Euro, its more like a joke than anything else... Shame on Gopro!

To keep it in topic. Chuwi, if you ever may read this... PLEASE

SJcam realized they could get more popularity by playing big but with competitive pricing... They succeeded, their SJ6, SJ7 were both a great success! Priced lower than the main brands, but a bit higher than the interpolated cheap crap...

Please just give us proper devices with decent specs and quit putting the same processor in all the devices you make in a year!
Play big, at competitive prices, that IS the road to succeeding! Not play cheap, disappoint buyers. Because those buyers may only buy once or twice, while happy ones will keep buying...

+1 if you agree
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manonegra222| Post time 12-6-2017 07:06:33 | Show all posts
I read your thread last night and did not want to answer the first one and count to 100 before doing it.
In the first impression I was totally in agreement with your principles, but I also think that a factory has to have a wide catalog of articles to be able to reach a greater number of clients adapting its offer to a greater target of clients.
Just as a car brand can not think of manufacturing exclusively family vehicles, leaving aside the utilities, all road, sports or off-road vehicles, a brand of electronic equipment must have as its goal the largest catalog of products to reach most of the population and that there is a model that fits their needs. For example, a person who only uses a tablet or laptop for multimedia, watch news and office automation will not need a next generation processor or a high ram. An exclusive offer will reduce the target and therefore the volume of possible sales.

I am with you that there should always be an offer in line with the competition since Chuwi has experienced in recent years an important step that has made it a brand considered among the best in Chinese manufacturing. Only an after-sales service with a high level of efficiency would be lacking. This would raise the value and would be greatly appreciated by potential customers.

I encourage Chuwi to continue presenting powerful computers that meet the needs of the most demanding but without forgetting the less demanding and that are satisfied with a smaller benefits according to their needs and always taking care of a post-sales support service and support channels like this forum and other possible media to study as Telegram, Facebook and other media.

Of course +1
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Techdragonz| Post time 12-6-2017 08:07:48 | Show all posts
I completely agree with your addition, it is something I just forgot to mention Of course as you said, they should offer multiple 'categories' of devices.

Hopefully 2018 will be a step in the right direction!
Thanks for your feedback!

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