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Odd trackpad issue while charging

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TheFifth|Post time:12-5-2017 15:20:32 View:242|Reply:0

I'm having a strange problem using the trackpad on my Hi10 Po if I'm charging using the suplied 3A charger.

When the tablet is plugged in and charging and I move the mouse using the trackpad, it disconnects from Windows (with the hardware unplugged sound) and then instantly reconnects (again with the new hardware sound).  The trackpad works perfectly fine when using battery and also works when charging using my 2.1A iPad charger.  It's only when I'm charging with a charger capable of supplying the full 3A (be that the supplied charger or another third party charger I tried - both show the issue).

If I push and hold the tablet more securely onto the keyboard while using the trackpad it seems to be better, so I'm wondering if it's the connection to the keyboard that is the problem.  The connection does look secure though.  It's odd though that it is fine if I use it with a lower power charger.  Perhaps it's somethign to do with the extra current from the more powerful chargers?

The machine is brand new, so I can send it back if needs be, however I'd rather just send back the keyboard as I've spent ages setting up the tablet!

Anyone experienced something similar?

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