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PDayer|Post time:12-26-2017 02:11:27 View:295|Reply:2

Hello everibody,
After the fall creator windows 10 update i cannot highlight the text like before with the pen. It is such a pity because it was working very well. Any help? Thank you

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Techdragonz| Post time 12-24-2017 14:36:48 | Show all posts
Hmm, I'd say revert to the previous version if this is very important to do. If it happened after the creators update it is windows' fault, not chuwi
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PDayer| Post time 12-26-2017 02:11:27 | Show all posts
Edited by PDayer at 12-26-2017 02:18

Yes, it is confirmed that it is a change made by windows. They give the possibility to the owners of the microsoft surface to use the button of the pen to recreate the same use as before but unfortunately it doesnt work with the Chuwi pen. ... rm/issues/14277341/
As indicated in this thread I wrote to detailing the issues. If we are a lot to write they will may be give an option sooner.
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