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[CM13][LineageOS] Chuwi HI8 Pro ROM (deep sleep fixed)

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stas2z|Post time:2-17-2018 14:07:25 View:1648|Reply:7

Edited by stas2z at 12-27-2017 01:08



Deep sleep
Touch panel (both Chipone icn85xx and Silead gsl68x)
Audio (playback/input/routing/headphones/etc)
Hardware acceleration and OpenGL rendering
Hardware video decoding & encoding
Keyboard dock
SD cards
USB OTG (storage, mouse, keyboard)
USB storage (MTP and PTP) & adb

Distortion in photos (issue with mismatching Lollipop camera drivers & Marshmallow display drivers)
Audio not routed through HDMI

Hardware depended issues:

h/w rev 708*: n/a
h/w rev 608*: cameras not working
h/w rev 604*-605*: cameras not working, wifi/bt ?


Google apps:
The Open Gapps Project

TWRP image: (works on most revisions)
to flash use fastboot
  1. fastboot.exe flash recovery twrp3020uni.img
Copy the Code

Kernel source:

Original CM13 ROM built by Konsta for vi10plus


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golvellius| Post time 12-29-2017 13:01:26 | Show all posts
Hi ..

Thanks for this greats news !!!

I have tried your rom but i have not wifi on my chuwi hi 8 pro .. It's model cw1513 . 32 Bits .
Maybe wifi module compiler problem ...

Thanks for all ...
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golvellius| Post time 12-29-2017 14:37:24 | Show all posts
golvellius replied at 12-29-2017 13:01
Hi ..

Thanks for this greats news !!!

Sorry , My Hi8 Pro serial starts = xxx6030xxxxxx


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stas2z| Post time 12-30-2017 09:17:11 | Show all posts
wifi for models < 6080 is not solved yet
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Localhorst86| Post time 1-2-2018 07:28:54 | Show all posts
I have been using this ROM as my daily driver on my 6080 model for more than a week now and I can safely say that I am very happy with it. I can confirm that cameras are not working, to me this is only a minor issue, though, the cameras on this device aren't really usefull anyways.
Other than that, the only issue i have is with SD cards not working - however, this is not caused by this ROM, it didn't work on official ROMs, other custom ROMs or Windows 10 either, I assume it's a hardware issue.

Good job on solving the deep sleep issue, I get acceptable battery runtime with this (comparitively - it's still not great in terms of runtime, it has a standby time of about 2 days but at least it is at least as good as it used to be with official builds).
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stas2z| Post time 1-3-2018 02:53:00 | Show all posts
Yeah, battery life is far from excellent, but its not worse than stock at least.
Also me personally very happy with some lineage features missing in stock, especially live display feature to correct heavy green accent of white color on my lcd panel.

About future fixes for older revisions, it will be done when ill get a real hardware. Its almost impossible to debug kernel properly without device.
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stas2z| Post time 1-4-2018 04:04:54 | Show all posts
By the way
This rom was modded a bit to support external usb gps/glonass recievers like ublox 7. By default it set to use ttyACM0 and 9600 baudrate, but it can be changed in build.prop (check 2 bottom lines). System have to be booted with reciever connected to operate properly.
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lupoalberto74it| Post time 2-17-2018 14:07:25 | Show all posts
for the camera can not use the drivers of the other rom?
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