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Hi13 not charging or starting up

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zeroc|Post time:3-11-2018 12:49:23 View:412|Reply:5

Hello, would BIOS reset fix this issue? What do i need to hard reset BIOS as IT stopped after BIOS update

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gumi| Post time 12-28-2017 14:35:02 | Show all posts
Edited by gumi at 12-28-2017 14:56

Why you've uploaded new bios? There's a total mess with bios vs compatible hardware revision on that forum and they should remove all the downloads if they cant control or describe them. There's no reset button or something. If it's not charging it's bricked so maybe use warranty (beware that gearbest voids it in that case)?
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zeroc| Post time 12-29-2017 12:23:32 | Show all posts
so i cant use usb programmer and clip to fix bios? Ok, well ill just throw it in garbage then.
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gumi| Post time 12-29-2017 13:45:33 | Show all posts
Edited by gumi at 12-30-2017 14:26

Bios is only half of the problem: because the tablet is not charging EC is also screw up. You must somehow find correct bios and valid EC.
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MemberChuwi| Post time 12-31-2017 01:20:47 | Show all posts
Edited by MemberChuwi at 12-31-2017 01:43

Never change a running system...

Never update Bios without distinct reason...

There is no official support or service. You need to make sure that things you change work first, probably backing up initial states.

When I got my Hi13 I was tempted to update Bios too because the clock didn't work proper and lost time setting each time I switched the device off. However I could't find anything on this particular issue.

This problem magically disappeared after the first big Windows update, installing some chipset driver stuff... since then cameras didn't work. Windows. messed up the camera drivers... still I hesitate trying fixes for that. I don't need the mediocre cameras. However I regret not having backed up the initial Windows as cameras were working before...

I know, this doesn't help when things are messed up. But maybe it's a warning to new Hi13 users or the ones deciding a purchase.

Before you dump your device try to open it. Maybe there is a way to hard reset it.

If noting works you can still try to sell it for spare parts... some need to fix a broken screen or want battery replacements - forget to order spare parts from Chuwi.

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poiuzz| Post time 3-11-2018 12:49:23 | Show all posts
a bit late, but maybe it helps:

I also flashed the wrong bios.
Opened the Hi13 and flash 25Q64FWSIQ (8MByte, 1.8V, Main-Bios) and 25Q80JVSIQ (1MByte, 3.3V, EC) as showen here: with the correct bioses (I2W6_AP135.037&EC_219).
I had to desolder the 25Q64FW. Onboard the flash process failed.
Although I have the correct bioses now, the Hi13 still does not respond :-((

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