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Chuwi Hi10 Pro partitioning system

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Element29|Post time:12-29-2017 15:12:53 View:432|Reply:2

Edited by Element29 at 12-29-2017 11:29


I just got a Chuwi Hi10 Pro tablet which should be defective, but it is working, however, there are some problems.

1. The power LED is always flashing orange and the battery doesn't get higher than 4% actually. I don't have the original power supply, it seems very difficult to get. My PSU is from Anker, with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 support. It has 3A up to 6,5V.

2. The device mostly turns on after 8 seconds holding the power button. That's much longer as my other tablets which need 2-3 seconds.

3. I can't boot into Remix OS, after the selection of the menu it hangs with a CHUWI logo. I can only boot into RemixOS from the BIOS, after selecting the option 'Reset System with ME disable modeMEUD000'.

4. For later purposes I need some information about the partition table. I expected a Windows partition, an Android partition and a Recovery partition, but in the Windows Disk Management I get this list:

File System
Status Capacity Free Space

EFI System Partition
100 MB
100 MB

Primary Partition
30 MB
30 MB

Primary Partition30 MB
30 MB

Primary Partition  1 MB
  1 MB

Primary Partition16 MB
16 MB

Primary Partition2,50 GB
2,50 GB

Primary Partition256 MB
256 MB

Primary Partition13,00 GB
13,00 GB

Primary Partition  1 MB
  1 MB

Primary Partition  8 MB
  8 MB

EFI System Partition100 MB
100 MB

Recovery Partition1000 MB
1000 MB
RAW Primary Partition100 MB
100 MB
NTFSBoot, Page File, ...
41,12 GB
25,69 GB

All Partitions have the Layout 'Simple', the type is 'Basic' and all partitions are listed as Healthy.

What is the function of all these partitions? Is the Android/Remix partition the 13 GB partition? I wanted to use the internal memory for another operating system and clone all systems including Windows and Android on an 128 GB USB stick. Is this possible?

I also need some instructions to upgrade the Windows and Android installations. I have downloaded the new versions for my tablet (PQ64...) but in this thread I found no instructions. In another forum I found some, but they sound very difficult.

Best Regards,



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manonegra222| Post time 12-29-2017 12:51:44 | Show all posts
I have counted the partitions of my Hi10 pro and they are 15 instead of 14, so there may still be one missing. The lack of one could be the reason for those delays in the start of the tablet.
Do not count if it's a new or second-hand tablet and if you bought it at an official store.
My advice is that, first of all, and given that you are missing a partition, you should perform an installation of the operating systems and, once everything is working correctly, try new adventures.
Both the resources needed for this and the tutorials are available in the downloads section.
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Element29| Post time 12-29-2017 15:12:53 | Show all posts
Edited by Element29 at 12-30-2017 10:32

I counted again, there are really just 14 partitions. I made my list according to the Disk Management list, but the partition order is different. For example, the 1000 MB Recovery Partition is the last one on the drive.

It is a Hi10 Pro with the Atom 8300 processor.

Unfortunately I can't boot from USB, neither MBR nor GPT. So I can't check the partition table in gparted which is more accurate. Creating bootable GPT partitioned USB sticks in Windows, Linux and OS X aren't working yet.

Is it possible to boot from CD/DVD? I have an LG USB slimline DVD drive which needs just one USB port, no additional power connector. But my USB 2.0 hub has an additional power connector, and I'm using it. The drive is recognized in Windows.
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