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Micro SD Card reader possible solution

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pieter|Post time:1-8-2018 01:41:17 View:679|Reply:4 ... 22672/mini-pcs.html

the sd host adapter may be different of course as we don't have compute sticks ;)
also I did not disable nor enable the adapter, just restarted the machine..

using an 8GB micro SD for testing now... disabling fast startup seems to work till now...
tested with SwitchNow, restart, cold start from both win10 and remix.
not tested yet after a complete battery drain.
not tested on larger micro SD
not tested yet on multi partitioned micro SD

If anyone can join and test their configurations?

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There are comments that the link method does not work
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pieter| Post time 1-5-2018 05:19:17 | Show all posts
lingua franca is english here.. so as I don't speak spanish and a lot of people here do not as well... these comments are pretty useless...
it would be nice to have the comments in english complete with the steps and tests (even if they failed).

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manonegra222| Post time 1-5-2018 14:43:31 | Show all posts
It is a known failure in SD readers in the dual boot tablets with Intel Z8300 or Z8350. It is not a hardware problem but Bios and could not be corrected.
There are some methods to recover the service but they are not 100% effective.
The partitions that you had of 22 Gb in Fat32 for Android and the rest for Windows in NTFS are correct and it is recommended to prevent the error.
To recover it you have to try the following:
Leave the tablet without an SD card for a few days, using it normally and using the program from Windows to Android.
After a few days try to boot the tablet without the SD but with a pen drive put in a USB port of the keyboard, almost sure it will recover and you can see the SD if you insert it into the reader.
When you recover it, I advise you not to use the programs from Windows to Android or the Android to Windows link and to turn off and restart to change the system.
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pieter| Post time 1-8-2018 01:41:17 | Show all posts
Edited by pieter at 1-9-2018 13:26

@manonegra222.. it is not the first time I am here... and have been testing and searching solutions over a year now.
As chuwi does not react in any proper and decent manner. All users have to try and find out by trial and error and hoping for some other party to post a solution...

for what I can determine after a year of testing.
above mentioned method works as long as you do not remove and reinsert when hi10pro is turned on running windows 10
which for most users would be ok as the want a micro SD to extend internal memory an will not remove it anyway.
I now have a 64GB card inside formatted NTFS not visible for Remix... switching soft or hard between Win and Remix did not break it (yet)
It not so much is a win10 (upgrade to anniversary) issue as it is an Intel issue as I can determine. The micro SD card reader power management has gone bad in combination with win10 anniversary new power saving settings. When a card is hot swapped, the power to the card seems to feed the card too late or too little causing an i/o error. Disabling the "fast start" in windows at least prevents it to "alternatively" power up and down devices... when I now start it in windows, the micro sd is already powered up before win10 kicks in.

That is how it is on my Hi10pro for the last week testing in different configurations. As long as I do not take the miicor SD out during operation, I am ok with above settings...

Of course it is not the 100% but the majority of users will not insert or remove on the fly on regular basis as they use the Micro SD for "fixed storage". ... 00-spec-update.html for more info on the atom z8000 and its issues... check the list of unresolved trouble..
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