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Hi12 - Wifi stability problems

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Lio88|Post time:1-11-2018 02:00:27 View:332|Reply:2

I am experiencing bad wifi stability on Android.
I have 3 different networks with WPA2/AES securityencryption on 2,4 GHz.
When I am at less than 2-3 m from the source, I canusually connect to it.
But as soon as I am further, eventhough I see thenetworks as saved with more than half the signal displayed, my device tries toconnect and after some time either I see “failed to connect” or the networksjust disappear for 10 sec and reappear as saved and the device retries toconnect.
Of course I can connect to these networks from otherdevices without problems from same locations.
Model is CWI520 - SN is Hi12 Q64G45160600XXX (with Z8300CPU).
I have a dual boot model with android 5.1 & Kernel3.14.37-x86_64-L1-R517 dated from Apr 27 2016.
Bios is 5.011 dated from Apr 28 2016.
On the forum I saw that wifi disconnection problems couldbe solved by Bios update.
Could his solve my problem ?
If yes, could you please tell me which version I haveto download & if not on the forum, a link to do it.
If not, do you have other advices to solve my problem?
Thanks in advance.

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emily| Post time 1-7-2018 22:28:27 | Show all posts
hello, could you please try this bios:!ghRAVIoI!NoGU_ ... oKCZOEYyl9cD2Amc8SA
hope this can help you
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Lio88| Post time 1-11-2018 02:00:27 | Show all posts
Hello Emily,

Thanks for your reply.
I saw that version of the Bios in your announcement post of Hi12 Downloads section.  
But in your post you say that the Bios version is 5.11 28.04.2016 and the one installed on my computer is 5.011 28.04.2016.
I suppose it is a typing error and that versions are the same.
Should I upgrande for the same version ?
Or are the versions numbers the same but actually code is different ?
What about the version mentionned as 20161008 ?
Thanks in advance. for your help.
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