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Battery Life

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cjhemmer|Post time:1-9-2018 18:21:26 View:309|Reply:1

I've noticed that I'm getting shorter and shorter battery life on my Surbook.  Windows reports a healthy battery at 38 Ahr when fully charged but I'm now finding I get just a minute or so of battery life when the 10% warning appears if I even get the warning at all before shutdown.  Does anyone have suggestions on configuring Windows (I have the power plan set to balanced, but customized to slow the processor, turn down brightness, etc. on battery), which drivers to reinstall, etc. before calling this a hardware issue?

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emily| Post time 1-9-2018 18:21:26 | Show all posts
power consumption fast
1, check the flat-panel accessories, Even there is  short circuit phenomenon , unplug the peripheral equipment;
2, there are many applications on the plat background , close the unused applications ; WIFI and Bluetooth consume too much power, when not use this two accessories , you can  close  Bluetooth and Wifi .
3, the display brightness is too bright, transferred it to the appropriate brightness;
4, the software conflict can also cause power  consume fast, uninstall the software conflict with the system  .
5, the system is not working properly, resulting in power control chip can not be configured according to the optimal power, can be resolved through refreshing machine;
6, The battery problem, only replace the battery  can solve this problem ;
7, motherboard short circuit, components Weld, bad power supply IC and other hardware reasons , it need to be resolved after specific testing;
hope this can help you
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