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My Pen is not working properly - no highlight after Win10 Falls Update

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Pashiamas|Post time:3-8-2018 08:09:13 View:300|Reply:3

Hi all !

I have a big issue and i am sure a lot of you have the same one.

Very curious why no one else posted it here yet !

After Windows 10 1709 update the pen is not working like it used to. Before i could highlight text into a pdf document or a webpage through Edge.

After the update the pen is working only as a touch input and not a mouse.

Strange thing is that i can take notes in Microsoft OneNote and the pen drawing response is much better than before.

I saw that a lot of Microsoft Surface users are facing similar issue and they are complaining to Microsoft BIG TIME !

But a workaround for the Surface was to update the Intel Precise Touch Device Driver - which i cannot find anywhere in my Hi12.

Anyone has an idea how we can fix this ?

CHUWI ?? a little help maybe ?

Thanks !

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technisol| Post time 1-10-2018 13:56:27 | Show all posts
Edited by technisol at 1-10-2018 13:58

The trackpad on the Chuwi Hi12 keyboard does not use Intel Precision Touch hardware so no driver without the hardware.  I imagine an external Usb Touchpad that supports it might work.  Frankly, anything beyond the pen should not be required in my thinking.  Microsoft just innovated themselves into another mess, it'd be nice if they took time to clean up the last one with internal SDXC card readers.  My SDXC card is now living in an external USB3.0 SDXC card reader.  UGH!

I have a pen, but honestly don't use it as much as I used to use the pen on my Lenovo Thinkpad X200 Tablet or my Samsung Galaxy Notes.  Even then I always found the pens handier for photo touchups, etc.  Handwriting input is OK, but it's comparatively slow vs. keyboarding.  I think voice input and natural language query is going to be the best way to go for so many tasks once they get the bugs worked out -but, it's not always an option, either.  Try voice input next to a jackhammer...
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Pashiamas| Post time 1-14-2018 21:58:56 | Show all posts

Thank you for your reply.

But you are clearly missing the point here

There people that they are using the pen A LOT. that was the point of purchasing a product like this.

But Microsoft of course messed things up - one more time !

We want to use the pen like it was meant to be used. as a mouse and NOT as a touch (finger) input.

And its ruining the whole poing actually.
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copps| Post time 3-8-2018 08:09:13 | Show all posts
Pashiamas replied at 1-15-2018 06:58

Thank you for your reply.

My experience is with the pen, under Windows bad function quality (working, not working) , but under Android there are no problems.
In this case as result - I think the pen function under windows is not good becaus ein development- no ready to use , why? that are mouse-Peoples in the factory of microsoft and they are not able to make good pen software.
Under windows i work with keyborad and mosue by bluetooth

Wolfgang Porcher
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