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Chuwi Hi10 BIOS and touchscreen lag

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Darkaeden|Post time:1-26-2018 15:19:38 View:381|Reply:2

I just bought an used Chuwi Hi10 dualboot (H10Q64G42161204183), installed all the windows 10 updates and upgraded toversion 1709 which should be the latest.
Can someone please help me with thefollowing:
1) which is the latest BIOS available forthis tablet and eventually how to flash the newer one?
When i run mine it says BIOS versionE4D6_C106.234 x64.
2) in windows 10 there is touchscreen lagwhich is frustrating when clicking or running. I saw a similar post for thehi12, solved by some registry tweaks. Is there any help on the hi10 too?
3) i’d like to repartion the drive,decreasing size of android partition in favour of win10. Other option would beto delete android once and for all. Any tutorial to do that?
Thanks a lot for support,

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Darkaeden| Post time 1-26-2018 05:55:53 | Show all posts
Anyone helping at least for item 1)

Thanks a lot
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manonegra222| Post time 1-26-2018 15:19:38 | Show all posts
Edited by manonegra222 at 1-27-2018 00:31

1. You do not have to update Bios since there are no updates. You indicate that you have 234 and the last one published in the forum is 233.
2. I do not know the solution to the problem that you explain from the lag on the touch screen, I have not observed it in any of my tablets. If it is recurrent, I think you should reinstall touch device drivers.
3. If it is possible to remove Android giving all the storage space for Windows. There are several headlines in the forum.

You can install Windows 10 with the removal of Android and with the complete cleaning and the assignment of the entire eMMC for Windows.
My advice is that before doing anything, take an image of the tablet with macrium reflect, this will allow you, if you want to go back, leave the tablet as it was before removing Android.

First, you must obtain all the currently installed drivers of your tablet.
1. You must create a folder in the root directory of drive C and name it Controllers.
2. Run PowerShell with administrator rights (as Administrator) and perform the following command
Export-WindowsDriver -Online -Destination C: \ Drivers
Copy the code
This can also be done using the double driver application.

3. Move the Drivers folder to an external medium for future use.
I'm not sure, but you may need an important configuration file for the Goodix Touch driver.
It is the file
I'm not sure it exists for your tablet, but it would not be superfluous to find it and copy it for future use.
1. Find the file in C: \ Windows \ INF if it exists.
2. Copy it in an external medium to use it in the future.

Then you should disable the boot menu.
1. Run the SwitchNOW application from your desktop shortcut;
2. Click on No in the "Are you sure you change to Android?" Dialog window;
3. Select Disable and click on Exit in the configuration window of the Start menu;
Restart your tablet and make sure that the boot menu does not appear.

So now you have everything you need for a clean installation of Windows.
Your tablet's battery level should be more than 50% before reinstalling Windows.

You must create a bootable USB flash drive through the Microsoft Media authoring tool.
It is better to run Media Creation Tool on an external PC instead of your tablet, select "Create installation media for another PC", then follow the rest of the instructions to complete the creation of an official Windows 10 boot USB flash drive
In the course of this creation, choose the x-64 architecture and your mother tongue.
Do not forget that you must install Windows 10 Home Edition.

Insert your USB flash drive into any of the two USB ports of your dock-keyboard or use the Type-C port of your tablet, USB-OTG cable and USB hub.
Restart your tablet.
When the Chuwi logo appears, briefly click on the F7 key with frequent short clicks until the start menu screen appears.
Use the UP arrow keys to select your USB memory and press Enter.
Then, install Windows 10 in the usual way, as you do on a desktop PC.
Do not forget that you must select Windows 10 Home Edition.
When you reach the "What type of installation do you want?" Screen, click "Customize" to perform a clean installation.
On the next screen, you will see multiple Android and Windows partitions of your eMMC unit.
You must select all the partitions and delete them step by step to erase the entire disk completely.
When you have finished deleting partitions, you should have only one large "Unallocated Space" block.
You must not create and format new partitions.
Windows 10 will do it by itself.
Simply select that unallocated space and click Next to continue.

After installing Windows, you must manually install all the missing drivers from the driver package that you previously saved.
Also, copy the file (if it exists) to the C: \ Windows \ INF folder.
Restart your tablet.

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