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Hi8 looses the wifi passwords

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granherman|Post time:1-13-2018 10:02:43 View:165|Reply:1


I am having an issue with my HI8 super tablet. It does not remember any password after rebooting it. Does someone have the same issue?
How can I solve it?

in advance thank you for your support!!

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manonegra222| Post time 1-13-2018 10:02:43 | Show all posts
The first thing we should try is to make the system forget our WiFi, then reconnect to it and force Windows 10 to save all the data in our network again.
To do this, we click on the wireless network icon in the taskbar and then in Network Configuration. This will open a window of the system configuration where the WiFi configuration is displayed and a list of the networks found and to which we are connected. Just below the list we must look for the option Manage WiFi settings and once there go to the section Manage known networks.

There we have to select the network with which we have problems to connect when starting the system and then click on the Stop remember button that will be shown next. Once this is done, the next thing we have to do is go back to the wireless network icon in the taskbar and connect again to the network that we just deleted. To finish, we rebooted the computer and checked if Windows 10 already connects us automatically to our WiFi without asking us for the password again.
If it is not, then we will have to open the Device Manager, either through the Control Panel or by typing "Device Manager" in the search bar. We display the option Network adapters, select ours and pressing with the right button on it, we choose the option to uninstall.

Nothing else to do this, we reboot our computer and we reconnect to our WiFi, since Windows must automatically detect the wireless adapter and check if once this process is done Windows 10 is already able to remember the password of our WiFi so it does not return to request it.
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