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Hi12 Video Freezing and Restart

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Elle|Post time:4-16-2018 20:28:22 View:731|Reply:22| Post time 1-22-2018 00:31:26 | Show all posts
Elle replied at 1-21-2018 11:13
The netflix apk give the same problem, what other version should i test?

Does the tablet have it in hand when the application stops? Because you touch the button that the tablet has and that's why the application is minimized.

Your tablet is new or second-hand?
Have you modified any settings in the Bios?
Have you ever changed the rom?

First of all, as I indicated, Android would make factory settings and I would try to solve the errors that you name, if you have already done this step, Well I would think if you can do the installation again in Android clean with the Intel program in the computer.

If after installing the official Android Rom that the Chuwi tablet is still failing, you should think about installing the Rom Cyanogen 12, first checking if your tablet is compatible.
With some of these steps the tablet has to work well.

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Elle| Post time 1-24-2018 02:15:44 | Show all posts
No i dont have the tablet in hand, is watching movies, netflix or yooutube.

1 No

2 Yes, just the modifications of Chris from techtablets, but i did reset it but then again there was this problem so i gues is not bios

3 Yes, it happens on both official rom and cm12.1 from kogsta.

So i did try other versions of the apks, netflix, mx player, and youtube, but the same it just goes freezing again.

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GoldenDark| Post time 4-16-2018 20:28:22 | Show all posts
Hi Elle,

I have the same issue but only when the battery is at a low level ( under 20%). but I have some micro freeze very often ( perhaps due to my internet connexion).
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