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Boot Priority on Hi10 Plus

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fisfor|Post time:1-14-2018 08:21:39 View:364|Reply:2

i can't change the boot priority on my chuwi.
so, when  i plug a a ethernet/usb adapter, it always try to boot on ethernet, and stop boot sequence.
same trouble, with a non bootable usb key.

i never saw that.
of course, i can plug my ethernet adapter each time, after boot, or press F7, to choose correct boot selection.
but i'm fed up with this issue.

any solution ?



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manonegra222| Post time 1-14-2018 05:54:48 | Show all posts
I'm sorry, I've also tried to change the boot order in the Bios and I have not succeeded.
Chuwi Moderator
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fisfor| Post time 1-14-2018 08:21:39 | Show all posts
Edited by fisfor at 1-14-2018 09:16

thanks for your answer.

i don't undestand, why they locked this bios ?
every day, chuwi tell us, to flash this bios, or reinstall windows, but they lock an innocent option ...
strange designer ....  :-(
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