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lapbook 14.1 Waterspill

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Darkeraser00|Post time:1-16-2018 02:58:45 View:178|Reply:1

Hi Guys! Thanks in advance for your timeSo yesterday I accidentally spilled half a cup of water into my lapbooks keyboard. I immediately disconnected every thing and dried up the keyboard and the screen (a few splashes there).I then looked up what to do while still being my display and my working touchpad and keyboard.I the flipped my laptop over to let it dry out and moped up the spillage that came from the keyboard.I turned my PC off too.I detached a key to see if I could access the key board insides from there knowing that this was a non detachable one.Nothing could be done from there.I then let it sit there for about an hour before turning it back on only to see that the keyboard wasn't working anymore apart from the power key (has to be separated from the offer keys.).I turned it back oof and on while pressing shift to go into bios mode.That seems to have been mistake because I'm now blocked at a black screen with a none moving cursor and not one key action working apart from the caps lock. Seeing no other solution I decided to open up my laptop with the adequate tools and to see if I could dry it alittle more or clean the eventual moisture.I came as far as the mother board only to see that the keyboard grid is sealed within the case of the laptop using a heat gun, and that it could only be removed with it.I also noticed that I had to dry some water on the backside of the battery , the one facing towards the keyboard. I don't if I put it back there afterwards or if it slipped through.So I really don't know what to do, even more because when the battery is removed and I plug it in the laptop is doing a strange noise, not very loud but reassuring though.

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Techdragonz| Post time 1-16-2018 02:58:45 | Show all posts
Correct, the power key isnt really part of the keyboard itself. unlike the other keys that one is just a pushbutton like on a pc.

Dont use a heatgun, you will melt plastic...Id say to let it dry for some time...You should have immediately turned the laptop off when you spilled it and dried as much as possible... That noise you may be hearing is probably a short due to water...

Id say, dry it and if nothing improves send it back for repair... You might need to pay for it as it is your own fault
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