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Surbook battery issues

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jchulley|Post time:1-17-2018 21:55:29 View:317|Reply:1

My fully charged surbook will show 40 minutes remain at 100 percent charged.  I turned off bluetooth and removed the keyboard made no difference.  I contacted customer service but heard nothing.
Jeremy Hulley


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emily| Post time 1-17-2018 21:55:29 | Show all posts
power consumption fast
1, check the flat-panel accessories, Even there is  short circuit phenomenon , unplug the peripheral equipment;
2, there are many applications on the plat background , close the unused applications ; WIFI and Bluetooth consume too much power, when not use this two accessories , you can  close  Bluetooth and Wifi .
3, the display brightness is too bright, transferred it to the appropriate brightness;
4, the software conflict can also cause power  consume fast, uninstall the software conflict with the system  .
5, the system is not working properly, resulting in power control chip can not be configured according to the optimal power, can be resolved through refreshing machine;
6, The battery problem, only replace the battery  can solve this problem ;
7, motherboard short circuit, components Weld, bad power supply IC and other hardware reasons , it need to be resolved after specific testing;
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