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Problem with some USB devices, inserting extremely hard

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Macharul|Post time:1-18-2018 15:49:44 View:292|Reply:2

Edited by Macharul at 1-18-2018 07:15


i recently bought a Chuwi LapBook 12.3 and i am so far happy with it.

Except i have problems with certain USB plugs.
The transmitter for the cordless mouse went in easily, as well as the plug of my Western Digital external HDD.
The first time when I noticed the problem was with this USB stick: Kingston DataTraveler SE9 G2 128GB

The first time I plugged in, it did not get recognized until I realized it was not even halfway inside the USB port.
To fully insert the stick into the port I have to use so much force, the port starts to creak. Even disconnecting is only by force.
Im really worried because I dont want to destroy the USB3.0 port.
With a second stick, an older Sandisk, it is similar, although the plug is made of plastic.
On any other devices, I never had problems with both USB sticks.

Anyone else having trouble with USB Devices?

Actually, USB ports and plugs should be standardized. Why are there such problems here?
For the longevity of the ports that's certainly not good...


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manonegra222| Post time 1-18-2018 11:18:48 | Show all posts
I think just like you and I have observed the same resistance in the connection of the USB ports.
We must do too much force for the introduction and removal of devices.
I have not found an effective solution, but it is true that the ports work correctly.
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Macharul| Post time 1-18-2018 15:49:44 | Show all posts
Edited by Macharul at 1-18-2018 16:01

First of all, thanks for the fast reply.

Indeed the ports work correctly. But the question is for how long.
When Disconnecting the Kingston USB device, i cannot pull it out with my fingers, thats how tight it sits inside the port. I need to push a screwdriver through the hole of the USB Stick (as seen in the picture) and pull it out

I think i will need to buy another USB Stick , because sooner or later the USB ports will break with this one.
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