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USB-C Charging question...

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NoahFTW|Post time:1-28-2018 21:06:42 View:271|Reply:1

I've been reading of a lot of issues with the included owed supply. Thankfully I don't seem to be having any issues yet, but I was wondering if there's anything keeping me from using any USB-C charger? I tried briefly hooking by LG G6 Usb to USB type C charger and cable and it seemed to charge the hi13...though I'm not sure just how fast or affective. THE LG wall charger says "Fast Charger" so I'm wondering it it gives more juice than a typical wall USB charger.

I'm especially interested in using a magnetic usb type c detachable cable. I've read in reviews for those cables that they don't support fast I'm wondering if it'd be safe to use(or functional) with the hi13?

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MemberChuwi| Post time 1-28-2018 21:06:42 | Show all posts
Edited by MemberChuwi at 1-29-2018 02:46

It's not about 'any' USB C charger. You need one that supports PD (power delivery) standard.

There are some other incompatible USB 'fast' charging standards for 5V devices. USB C charging is a big mess imho and does not make anything simpler.

If your chargers work, be happy. You can't do much wrong if a USB PD charger works.

Slow charging isn't an issue. It probably increases your batteries lifetime because slow charging creates less heat. More heart means stress and aging with a battery.
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