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Does the tablet come with a screen protector installed?

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georgex|Post time:1-23-2018 14:29:05 View:376|Reply:2


just received the tablet. There are some spots around the edges of the screen which look like a screen protector which is not attached perfectly. It's really minor, and of no importance. But I would like to make sure, is there a screen protector factory applied on the screen? So I do not have to buy an extra one, and if this is scratched, I can peel it off and apply another one?

Thanks in advance

Use magic Report| Post time 1-23-2018 05:43:53 | Show all posts
Yes, the tablet comes with two screen protectors, one where the description and characteristics of the equipment and another that is recommended to use and never remove. So when removing the protector where you have the letters have to be careful not to remove the two protectors.

No no, do not remove the protector, you will not find another that fits in the same way, the operator of Chuwi who places the protectors is an artist, almost do not notice that they are placed

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manonegra222| Post time 1-23-2018 14:29:05 | Show all posts
The plastic protector that you see can be removed if it has been damaged and put another one that you can get in Ali Express and sold in kits of 3 or 5 units.
I do not recommend a tempered glass because when placed there are bubbles in the area of the frames of the screen.
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