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[Surbook Mini] micro sd card

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tony_the_unik|Post time:1-30-2018 09:34:16 View:411|Reply:2

hi everybody , i have a problem with micro sd port on my surbook mini. i have test some cards (8 16 32 64 go ) but Nothing is happening (no sound) . if it works for someone can you tell me the type of your partition and the driver that you use please?
thanks in advance

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rreboucas| Post time 1-29-2018 11:00:22 | Show all posts
Forget about it, every tablet here that is Z8300 or Z8350 has the exact same problem (you will see lots of posts about this problem), I have it with both my Hi10 and Hi10 Pro. The only one that works is my Hi8 (not pro) because it uses the Z3736F.
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tony_the_unik| Post time 1-30-2018 09:34:16 | Show all posts
it's too bad , they could test their products before selling them... It could be a good way to expand memory...
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